Japanese Pufferfish: Under Water great artist

Japanese Pufferfish: Under Water great artist. Img NGC

Japanese Pufferfish: Under Water great artist. Img NGC

Japanese Pufferfish: Nature's great artist

During the 1990s, some strange circular patterns with remarkable geometrical perfection when noticed on the sea floor. 

No one was there to explain about these perfect patterns. But somehow it was identified. 

New discovery

A new species of fish was discovered which was called as puffer fish. It was found that these small male pufferfish make these circles attract females. 

The puffer fish will work day and night continuously for seven days to make this up. The fish which is about just 5 inches long will create this beautiful circular patterns which are 7 feet in diameter.

Construction process

In the outcome of the construction of the male puffer fish, you can see ridges and valleys outside the nest side. The ridges are decorated with shells, and fine sediments are gathered by the male puffer fish to give a finishing touch by a distinct colour.

After the male fish finishes the pattern, the female fish will come and inspect it. If they like the creation, they will mate with the male.

However, it is still unknown what the female fish is looking for in the circles that can impress it.

Technical knowledge of the Pufferfish

The pufferfish has excellent knowledge of fluid dynamics. You can see the upstream portion of the circling water and find segments towards the centre.

The downstream peaks and valleys send the water outward. This setup can reduce the speed of the water by 25% where the eggs are laid.

Love for their younger ones

It is said that the puffer fish females will lay eggs in the fine sediments in the centre of the circles and the males fertilize them externally.

Female puffer fish will vanish, and the male fish stay for another six days to get the eggs.

Japanese Pufferfish: Under Water great artist