The crooked forest in Poland

The crooked forest in Poland

The crooked forest in Poland

The crooked forest in Poland:

The crooked forest found outside Nowe Czarnowo near the town of Gryfino, West Pomerania of Poland. Here is a group of pine trees and are crooked in shape. 

It is a group of 400 pine trees and planted during the 1930s. You can find each pine tree which bends sharply to the North ground level. After which it comes back, upright after sideways excursion of 3 to 9 feet. The method for motivating this crooked forest not known until now.

What made these trees crooked?

The crooked forest in Poland

But generally, that is a belief that some form of human tool or technique was used to make trees grow this way. 

There are speculations available about the trees that they created in this deformed shaped for making a timber for furniture or boat building. 

Some scholars also tell that it is because of some snow storm. But there is no scientific evidence for any of these, and so the conclusion is not yet reached. 

Gravitational force and trees:

Another belief is that the fluctuations that are caused by gravitational forces.  They also say that the unique gravitational pull in the area which is responsible for this sideways growth. 

But there is no base or any evidence of this unique gravitational pull. We all know that the force of gravity pulls objects down and not sideways.

Snowfall and trees:

Some people also tell that heavy snow for an extended period could have made the trees flat while they were saplings. 

The long period that was taken to melt them permanently could have shaped trees. But it is unusual for a snowstorm to affect one specific area of a forest and not rest. 

You can find only these 400 trees to have this bizarre shape.

World war II and trees:

Another idea is associated with the World War II invasion of Poland and people says that the enemy tanks ploughed the young forests which have caused the flattening of the trees.  

It is considered to be the reason for the crooked growth of the trees. Again a question arises, "why only define trees and why only the particular area". This bizarre and uniform curvature of the young trees is always beyond reasoning capacity.

The accepted idea:

The one idea that was accepted is that the curves were human-made.  Which makes sense as the curves of the trees are consistent. 

Also, the local farmers during 1930 planted the trees for the ultimate use of construction material. An extract found from a piece that is entitled to the wooden vessel ship construction supports this idea.

For the internal strength of the ship Hedgerow, Oaktree is the best for the naturally curved timbers. They are concluding that the trees were intentionally built in specific ways as they want curved timbers for a particular purpose. 

These curved timbers also called as compost timbers.

The crooked forest in Poland