Rohini Ayyappan | News Writer

Entertainment (29 News), Tamil Nadu (9 News), Politics (2 News), India (6 News), Technology (1 News), World (3 News)

Rohini Ayyappan is a vibrant news writer, bringing fresh energy and a unique perspective to the world of entertainment. While entertainment is her speciality, she is not afraid to venture into other realms of news and culture.

Hailing from a Master's in Literature degree background filled with enthusiasm for writing, Rohini's journey into the realm of entertainment news is fueled by her love for all things creative. Her knack for spotting emerging trends and her innate ability to craft compelling narratives set her apart as a rising talent in the field.

Yogaraja Ramalingam | Reporter

Technology (6 News), How To (1 News)

Yogaraja is a prolific writer passionate about unravelling the intricacies of video editing and Photoshop. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the craft, Yogaraja's articles serve as a guiding light for beginning and seasoned practitioners.

Through his insightful analysis and expert commentary, Yogaraja demystifies complex editing techniques, empowering his readers to unleash their creativity and achieve professional-grade results. From tutorials on mastering Photoshop's tools to in-depth guides on video editing software, Yogaraja's works are a treasure trove of information and knowledge.

Yogaraja's dedication to his craft is matched only by his commitment to delivering accurate, up-to-date information. With each article, he strives to provide his readers with the skills and insights they need to excel in their creative endeavors.

Ram Kumar | Writer

Entertainment (96 News), Tamil Nadu (5 News), (1 News), Politics (5 News), India (3 News), Health (1 News)

With a passion for keeping the public informed, Ram Kumar has dedicated his career to delivering accurate, unbiased reporting across various topics.

While Ram Kumar covers a wide range of subjects, his particular interest lies in Entertainment and the vibrant tapestry of events that unfold within Tamil Nadu. Here, he truly shines, bringing his unique perspective and in-depth understanding of the industry to his writing.

One area where Ram Kumar truly excels is in his movie reviews. With an innate ability to dissect and analyze films, he effortlessly connects with his audience, making them feel informed and entertained.

Whether he's reporting on the latest news or delving into the intricacies of a blockbuster film, Ram Kumar's commitment to accuracy and integrity remains steadfast. His work continues to inspire and inform readers across the globe.

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Sophia Loren | Reporter/Writer

Entertainment (639 News), India (141 News), Tamil Nadu (246 News), World (70 News), Science (7 News), Technology (75 News), Politics (11 News), How To (13 News), Automotive (2 News), Business (6 News), Health (4 News)

Sophia Loren is a skilled content writer with three years of experience. Her talent shines brightly in the realm of news reporting. Sophia's journey is fueled by her passion and relentless drive to create content that informs, captivates, and engages her audience.

Drawing upon her background as a literature student, Sophia effortlessly weaves words into stories that resonate with readers. Her ability to grasp complex subjects and present them clearly makes her a trusted voice in the industry. As a dedicated news writer, Sophia covers many topics, from the intricacies of politics to the vibrant tapestry of Tamil Nadu.

Sophia's passion for storytelling extends to the entertainment world, where she excels in providing readers with captivating movie reviews and updates. Her articles have consistently hit the top stories, a testament to her dedication to collecting and researching the most compelling news.

Vignesh Subbaian | Reporter and Writer

Tamil Nadu (447 News), India (222 News), Health (41 News), Entertainment (453 News), Technology (33 News), World (85 News), Business (5 News), Science (34 News), (1 News), Politics (27 News), Automotive (4 News), How To (5 News), Kerala (1 News)

Vignesh has a passion for world class movies and writes on it. He is an open minded guy and always be learning to enhance his knowledge. He uses vivid language while writing. Basically, He loves travelling and does research in-person to a specific location before writing on topics and had delivered outstanding articles on various subjects.

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Thangaraja Palaniappan | Editor and Reporter

Tamil Nadu (219 News), World (45 News), Technology (59 News), India (76 News), Entertainment (195 News), Science (13 News), Politics (19 News), How To (7 News), Business (7 News), Automotive (4 News), Health (2 News), Kerala (1 News)

Thangaraja is basically lead reporter in NewsBricks, who chase behind happening news and works hard LIVE reporting. With 10+ years of experience in Journalism, he travelled and captured in and around political incidents in India.
He works more on Political news to make people understand the current scenario around them. He believes in the professionalism and people satisfaction is his ultimate goal.

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Jibin Baby | Reporter and Senior Editor

Entertainment (99 News), Kerala (13 News), Tamil Nadu (58 News), World (5 News), India (29 News), Health (5 News), Science (3 News), Technology (2 News), (1 News)

Jibin is a tech virtuoso fueled by an insatiable curiosity for code and the world. He seamlessly merges a love for exploration with a passion for writing. From lines of code to tales of travel, he navigates the realms of technology and storytelling with equal finesse.

Sivaranjani Soundararaj | Writer

Tamil Nadu (109 News), Science (13 News), Entertainment (254 News), India (36 News), World (20 News), Health (32 News), Politics (6 News), Business (1 News), Technology (4 News), Automotive (1 News)

Sivaranjani builds her passion in writing general things and that's her plus to correlate herself with current affairs. She loves learning new things and grasps ideas spontaneously; That habituate her to write things and give it a life.
Her point always be eccentric and reader based so the touchwood is high in her writing. She loves to travel, food and exploring what's new! She believes in reality and her writing reflects it too.

Premkumar Ramachandran | Writer

Business (91 News), India (1 News), Tamil Nadu (1 News)

Premkumar Ramachandran, B.Sc (Maths) Graduate and M.B.A (Finance & Mrktg) by Qualification. Associated with the Financial markets since 1997 and with Equity Broking since 2001 with various Institutions (HDFC, Kotak, ICICI) under various capacities and Exited as Head-Product of Equity and Distribution (Alternate Channels) before starting off this service in 2016.

The strong background in Finance with passion to do research on various methodologies has been one of his biggest strengths. Over a period of time, he had developed a trading system using proprietary algorithms for Day and Swing trading along with Order Flow and Market profile system.

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Lakshmi Lund | Writer

World (5 News), Automotive (1 News), Health (5 News), Science (5 News), Entertainment (1 News), Technology (2 News), India (1 News), Tamil Nadu (1 News)

Gokul Saravanan | Editor and Writer

Tamil Nadu (68 News), India (47 News), Health (8 News), Entertainment (105 News), World (12 News), Science (12 News), Politics (4 News), Business (1 News), Technology (9 News)

Gokul, a young writer with the science background. Usually, have a strong desire for politics and history, hence his writings are mostly lined up with political updates, history covers, Science updates, technology news and rarely some movie reviews and events.

He is a good writer and a graduate with a background in chemical science and also got an immense love towards writing. His writings are mostly comical and sometimes serious. The concept will be explained in his own way which makes the content good for a read.

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Arjun Krishnan | Reporter and Writer

Science (1 News), Tamil Nadu (8 News), India (6 News), Health (2 News), Entertainment (12 News), World (4 News), Politics (14 News), Technology (1 News)

Basically, Arjun is a skilled writer who worked as a technical writer earlier is now making his way to writing new articles. His way of presenting news is so special that a reader can a sense something in the content that conveys everything a reader wants to know about the specific topic.

Making it short and precise, his articles will be crispy to read and informative with bold attire. His perception and way of pointing out in the political field are what makes him a spirited writer. Travelling and studying more things along with sharing them to people is his desire in the field of journalism.

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Anusha Sathish | Sub-Editor and Writer

Entertainment (118 News), World (11 News), Science (16 News), Politics (46 News), Health (15 News), India (59 News), Automotive (48 News), Tamil Nadu (25 News), Technology (14 News)

Anusha is a content writer with more than 5 years of experience supporting various media platforms. Fielded various domains and created plagiarism-free content dissolving my own thoughts and ideas. Passion has just poured in though she embarked her journey as an amateur writer. Just plugged the gaps in her thought process which has resulted in what she is now. Not to be boastful, her passion for writing has developed seamlessly in various domains.

“Develop without demarcation else you diminish” is what the quotidian message she recites. This practice is indeed helping her to constantly grow. Respite you need at times in any profession, but content creation stands niche when you get the grip of it. Invigorated interest within her keeps her moving inquisitively. Her attitude now is oriented towards her passion

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Vijayan Sankar | Senior Editor and Writer

Tamil Nadu (40 News), Technology (19 News), Entertainment (248 News), Science (24 News), India (105 News), Politics (152 News), Health (29 News), World (22 News), Automotive (1 News)

Vijayan Sankar is an English graduate who has a deep passion for writing. His main interest is in writing news about education, healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle, and also about technology. Previously he was writing articles for a Gujarati tech company and wrote technical articles.

Big Data, Data analytics, Chatbots, BI, AI and its subsidiaries are handled by him and now writing extensively on political and live news. He always likes to learn new things and wish to become a better human being each passing day and an excellent wordsmith.

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Naveen kumar | Content Writer

Entertainment (29 News), India (2 News), Technology (1 News)

Naveen, a young writer has a desire for writing articles related to Entertainment particularly movies and sports. He is passionate about cinema and loves to watch movies of any language. His writings are mostly lined up with the hot topics being discussed currently, movie review, sports and cinema-related news, lifestyle, politics and psychological articles.

He has his own style in explaining a concept and his articles are very informative and interesting to read.

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Chandra Raja Prabu | Editor and Writer

Entertainment (79 News), World (5 News), Politics (1 News), Tamil Nadu (3 News), Technology (3 News), Science (1 News), India (8 News), Health (1 News)

Chandra Raja Prabu is a Editor and Technical Writer also covers Social Media News who is Interested in Travelling, learning about different traditions, tasting new cuisines etc.. His writings are based on the technology, travel blogs and investigative articles giving a great reading time to the readers.

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Nisha Gowri | Writer

World (42 News), Technology (34 News), India (6 News), Science (9 News), Politics (1 News), Entertainment (3 News), Health (1 News)

Nisha, a skilled and passionate writer has a vast experience in writing and she is very much interested in writing Technology based articles and all about the latest developments in Science and Technology. Before being a writer Nisha is a great reader who observes intense information and likes to write on her own interpretation about various topics.

She is also interested in writing Sensational world news and Economical news happening around the world. More than passing on the information, her writings convey demanding changes along with a great reading time for the audiences. Apart from being a writer, Nisha is a great singer with terrific interest and talent in the musical field. Pursuing on her road to the Civil services, she is also making her writing career grow and reach more people.

Mahalakshmi Chandramohan | Reporter and Writer

Entertainment (23 News), Politics (1 News)

A writer is someone who interprets everyone’s perspective as a feed. Common woman accumulated with an everlasting quest for exploration. An enthusiastic listener of firm lyrical based songs. She is more interested in writing creative and script oriented contents.

A quote by Benjamin Franklin "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" is what Mahalakshmi believes in. She feels that even if these two appears to be a hardship everyone must read something worth knowing. Love to read from authors who strongly insist the possibility of miracles in life.

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Prakash Jayaram | Reporter and Writer

Entertainment (10 News), Politics (35 News), India (3 News), Technology (1 News)

A typical Indian graduate roaming the wilds seeking the cosmos some answers for some serious questions like why my roommate always leaves the door open while I’m sleeping. In addition to that finished engineering degree. His interest in writing made him an ardent writer and he has a distant dream of becoming a scriptwriter for television and films.

Writing News Articles is his first stepping stone towards his dream. He is basically a bookworm with an appetite for crime investigative stories and a political activist interested in making a difference with tweets and Facebook posts creating an impact through social media.

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Akshaya Vardhini | Writer

Entertainment (10 News)

Akshaya Vardhini is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Visual Communication who is very much interested in film making. Akshaya has worked as associate director and writer in some short films for the past year and now looking for ways to expand her horizon.

Her writings are mainly based on Entertainment and cover extensively about all new updates about the latest cinema news and other hot topics. Her writings analyze deep about a topic and particularly about movies.

Karthik Rajkumar | Writer

Entertainment (3 News)

Karthick Rajkumar, a well-knowledged entertainment columnist, who previously worked as a Reporter in Microcap News media.
He always likes to write entertainment news and sports rather than any mind blasting politics. As like his writing he is also a complete entertainer. But with a strong desire to possess honours of achievements in future. Karthick grabbed a deep knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and Writing too

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Karan | Writer

Karan is a young Techie. Passionate and curious about tech and science talks.