Gold And Silver Price Today: Gold Prices Are Two Year High

Representative Image
Representative Image

On January 4, 2023, the price of gold in India for 22 and 24 carats increased. In Tamil Nadu yesterday, the price of ornamental gold rose by Rs 328 per Savaran.

Due to the international situation, the price of gold jewellery in the country continues to increase. Yesterday in Tamil Nadu, 22 carat gold for 1 gram was Rs 5,150; Savaran sold for 41 thousand, 200 rupees. Yesterday, gold prices rose by Rs 41 to Rs 5,191 per gram; Savaran increased by Rs 328 to Rs 41,528. 

Major Cities  22 Carat/10g  24 Carat/10g

Ahmedabad  Rs 51,150             Rs 55,800

Mumbai          Rs 51,100             Rs 55,750

Kolkata          Rs 51,100             Rs 55,750

Chennai          Rs 52,080             Rs 56,800

Delhi          Rs 51,100             Rs 55,730

Since the new year 2023, gold prices have been steadily rising, which has shocked jewellers. One gram of silver was sold at Rs 74.50. Silver rose by Rs 1 to trade at Rs 75.50 per gram.