NIFTY Mid-Day Updates: NIFTY Opens with 9980 points Post Lunch

NIFTY Opens with 9980 Points
NIFTY Opens with 9980 Points

02/06/2020 Nifty Mid-Day Update:- Nifty Open-9880.85, High 9985.05, Low-9824.05.

Mid-Day Update:- Nifty Open-9880.85, High 9985.05, Low-9824.05 and Last- 9960. Nifty had seen a robust rally with the support of Realty, Financial Services and Media stocks. Amid all confusions, EU futures are trading in positive as of now.

Though the Nifty was just inches away from reclaiming or testing the 10000 figure, there is pressure coming on BankNifty through selling. Auto Stocks are pushing higher while some PSU Stocks are facing the stress. OI suggests Nifty and BankNifty may have some resistances today at Highs, and the possibility of 10000 is more likely today only. Certain beaten-down stocks are finding supports at low, and we need to see follow-through, 

Over the next hour, we see the Nifty finding Resistances at 9978, 9998, 10034, 10066, and 10098. The Supports are placed at 9921, 9889, 9854, 9821, and 9796. On BankNifty 20556, 20651, 20762, 20844 & 20976 are critical supports while 20310, 20221, 20152, 20046 & 19934. 

Key Stocks to Trade are: Escorts and Biocon looks good to Sell for tomorrow.