7G (2024 ) Movie Review Starring Sonia Agarwal

7G Movie
7G Movie

7G, a horror movie starring Sonia Agarwal, is released in theaters on July 5, receiving moderate reviews from the audience. 

7G Movie Plot:

The movie opens with a couple in search of their dream house. They end up purchasing flat 7G. After moving in, the husband leaves for a program in Bengaluru, leaving his wife and child alone in the new flat. As they settle in, the wife discovers that they are not the only occupants of the flat, but also a spirit lurks within the walls, seeking revenge.

7G Movie Review:

In the first half of the 7G movie, viewers are taken on a journey through a haunted room, surrounded by scary elements that set the stage for the horror to come. The second part delves into the ghost's backstory, revealing the reasons behind its vengeful actions.

Although the 7G plot aims to offer a unique narrative, it follows to the familiar pattern found in many Tamil horror films, which may lead the audience to predict certain scenes.

Sonia Agarwal delivers an excellent performance, portraying her character very well. Meanwhile, Smruthi Venkat and other actors did justice to their respective roles.

The movie's editing is good but in serval scenes, it needs improvement. The music and background score adds interesting to the plot. However, the inclusion of unnecessary songs causes the movie to lose momentum.

In conclusion, 7G offers a decent option for fans of horror movies and may be worth a one-time watch for general audiences.

7G Movie Cast And Crew:

7G cast features Sonia Agarwal, Smruthi Venkat, Siddharth Vipin, Sneha Gupta, Subramaniam Siva, and Kalkiraja with the direction and production of Haroon under the banner Dream House. The music for the 7G is composed by Siddharth Vipin.