A.R Rahman Launches A collaborative Project to Save Culture

Rahman Launches A collaborative Project to Save Culture
Rahman Launches A collaborative Project to Save Culture

A.R. Rahman launches a new cultural project to innovate today's youth: A.R. Rahman, on his 53rd birthday yesterday, January 6, launched a new collaborative project Tha Futures. It is a cultural project to celebrate and curate the sounds of Tamil Nadu and especially Chennai. The Mozart of Madras speaking to the Press after the launch said Ta Futures would create energy to revolutionize the way people hear about Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

A.R. Rahman, in his music studio at Ayyakandigai in Tiruvallur district near Chennai, launched the new collaborative and cultural project with many prominent people. Its mission is to take the Tamil Nadu and Chennai culture throughout the world in music form. Film producer Bharat Bala and renowned composer with innovative music technology Rod Machover will be collaborating with Rahman for this cultural project. Famous art director Thotta Tharani painted the Ta Futures logo. Many artists, including children, participated in the Ta Futures launch function. LEAP Boundary Breakers children sang on the stage led by Srinivas Krishnan.

Speaking to the Press after the launch, Oscar winner Rahman said about the program including

  • The culture of today's Tamil Nadu and Chennai youth is to be brought out in the project
  • Children and youth learn a lot from YouTube, and the project is to bring out a collective conscious from it
  • Wrong situations like war among others surround the youth in today's world
  • To make them not to be in such circumstances and to bring their minds out of it
  • Only such free minds can become great scientists, musicians, politicians, and innovators
  • The project aims to bring in such an environment for today's youth