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Aavesham Full Movie Starring Fahadh Faasil Gains Positive Reviews

Aavesham Movie

Recently, Malayalam movies have been performing well in theaters and gaining recognition from Tamil and Telugu audiences. Films such as Manjummel Boys, Premalu, and The Goat Life have been well-received by moviegoers. In this line-up, Aavesham, starring Fahadh Faasil, has also earned a spot. 

Aavesham Movie Story:

Aavesham Malayalam movie was released in April 11 in theatres. Students from Kerala come to study in Bangalore. When planning to settle in the college hostel, the student's parents will divert to the private hostel by a man. Then, the three students will move to the private hostel, and they will become best friends.

In college, a senior named Kutty subjected three new students to ragging. Getting tensed with the senior, the three freshers plan to get in touch with the local rowdy to smack their senior Kutty. Finally finds the local gangster, and that would be Fahadh Faasil. Did the three freshers made their plan to happen with the help of the local gangster or not that id the rest of the story.

Aavesham Movie Review:

Aavesham is an action comedy film that is absolutely a family entertainment film. As always, Fahadh Faasil has nailed his acting and proved that he is an amazing actor. Fahadh Faasil, who is a gangster in the film, does comedy to the extent that one thinks that he is rowdy. But in the next moment, he shows a terrifying cruelty.

Although Fahadh Faasil is the hero of the film, the three people who appear as college students are amazing in their performances. The music merges well with the actions. The cinematography is an additional strength of the movie.

Overall, "Aavesham" is a well-written gangster comedy. Director Jithu Madhavan has once again proven his talent. The film is full of humorous dialogues that keep the audience entertained. The director has made sure that both Ranga and Amban, the main characters, have an equal share of witty lines, making the audience burst into laughter.

Aavesham Movie Cast and Crew:

Directed by Jithu Madhavan, the Aavesham movie stars Fahadh Faasil, Sajin Gopu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Hipzster, Mithun Jai Sankar, Roshan Shanavas and Midhutty. The movie was produced by Nazriya Nazim and Anwar Rasheed. The music is composed by Sushin Shyam and edited by  Vivek Harshan. Watch the Aavesham movie in theatres with family and friends.

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