Actor Ajith Escapes Vidaa Muyarchi Car Stunt Accident In Azerbaijan

Vidaa Muyarchi Car Stunt
Vidaa Muyarchi Car Stunt

Actor Ajith's adventurous stunt video for the Vidaa Muyarchi movie is going viral on social media. The video shows the car toppling on the other side of the road during the shoot. Thala fans and general viewers are stunned by Aarav's braveness and the efforts of Actor Ajith.

Recently, the photos of Ajith with his movie crew have been seen frequently. In all the photos, actor Ajith looked stunning and stylish. Actor Ajith is busy with his shoots and is on his road trip to Madhya Pradesh. He shot for the film Vidaa Muyarchi in Azerbaijan last year in October and November. While filming an action stunt, Ajith's car lost control and toppled on the roadside.

The video of the stunt scene has gone viral on social media, causing concern among Thala fans about the injuries to Ajith and Aarav. The video was taken in November 2023. Today, we can see Actor Ajith actively participating in cricketer Natrajan's birthday celebration which confirmed that he is keeping well.

Amidst this, Ajith Kumar's efforts and Aarav's trust in the hero are gaining credits. Actor Ajith performed similar stunts with bikes in Valimai, and in Vidaa Muyarchi, he came up with car stunts without opting for any stunt doubles.