Actor Arnav And Divya Sridhar Case Becomes Sensitive After Press Meet

Actor Arnav And Divya Sridhar
Actor Arnav And Divya Sridhar

Chellamma serial actor Arnav has filed a complaint with the Avadi Police Commissionerate that actress Divya is trying to abort her unborn child. A couple who have been in love for many years and married have turned themselves into controversies.

Arnav made his debut on the small screen by acting in various serials. Like him, Divya Sridhar made her debut by acting in many serials. Divya Sridhar is from Karnataka and is famous among fans for her serial 'Keladi Kanmani', aired on Sun TV.

She is acting in the serial Chevvanthi, aired on Sun TV. They are in love and have lived together for more than five years. Recently, both of them got married. Divya Sridhar also announced that she is pregnant. He is already married and has a daughter.

In this case, actress Divya has accused that she is three months pregnant and her husband Arnav beat her. Actress Divya released a video of herself in the hospital, where she is afraid that her fetus might have been miscarried due to bleeding.

The video has created a sensation. A case has been registered, and an investigation has been being conducted regarding this incident.

In this regard, Arnav spoke to the press and said, "I was not in the house where it is said that I beat Divya Sridhar at that time. I have the relevant CCTV evidence. This is a typical family problem. Since I am in the film industry, she is possessive. It was because of the advice of her friends. I didn't hit her.

But her claim from the hospital that the baby has been aborted, I consider it a conspiracy to abort the baby. A proper medical report should come. I want my baby. Her allegations against me are baseless, and I have told his lawyer the same.

I am talking to the police with the relevant sources," he said yesterday. Actress Divya has filed a complaint against small-screen actor Arnav at the Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner's office. She also addressed the press media today.