Actor Dhanush Case Recommended To Transfer To Another Session

Actor Dhanush
Actor Dhanush

Kathiresan-Meenakshi, a couple from the Melur area of Madurai, filed a case in 2015 at Mellur Court, saying Actor Dhanush is their son. They say he ran away from home while studying in school. Currently, he is the adopted son of director Kasthuriraja. 

They said that actor Dhanush should be ordered to give us the proper address for parental care. Actor Dhanush filed a petition in the Madurai High Court. After investigating it in 2017, the Court cancelled the case filed by the Kathiresan-Meenakshi couple in the Mellur Court. 

But the documents submitted by Dhanush, including the birth certificate, are said to be fake. Kathiresan filed a case in the Madurai Magistrate's Court to order the police to take criminal action against him. The Magistrate Court dismissed the case.

Against this, Kathiresan filed a criminal review petition in the Madurai High Court. The case came up for hearing again yesterday before Judge Elangovan. At that time, the judge said that actor Dhanush had already appeared in the Madurai High Court during the previous hearing. 

Then the government doctors checked his body for moles and scars. As I was working as the Registrar of Madurai High Court then, it would not be proper to pursue this case further. Therefore, the judge recommended transferring this case to another session.