Actor Kamal Haasan Meets T. Rajendar Before His Flight To US

 Actor Kamal Haasan Meets T. Rajendar
Actor Kamal Haasan Meets T. Rajendar

Actor, director and producer T. Rajendar was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai a few days ago due to ill health. Following that, he is going for his further treatment in the US today.

In the last few days, it has been said that Simbu has been going to the US and making arrangements for D Rajender's treatment as T. Rajendar was said to be going to the US for further treatment. Actor Silambarasan already posted a note about his father's health issue on social media.

Actor Kamal Haasan met  T. Rajendar and wished him a speedy recovery. The photo was taken during their meeting, and actor Kamal shared the image on his official Twitter page.

In this case, T. Rajendar was diagnosed with a blockage in the blood vessel leading to the heart and was diagnosed with bleeding in the abdomen. It is said that D Rajender is currently going to the United States for treatment.T. Rajendar, who is leaving for the US today, is expected to return to the country in a few days after completing his treatment.