Actor Naresh Babu And Pavitra Lokesh Marriage Updates

Actor Naresh Babu And Pavitra Lokesh
Actor Naresh Babu And Pavitra Lokesh

Actor Naresh is the son of the late Telugu film actress and director Vijaya Nirmala and the brother of Mahesh Babu. Naresh shared a video of him kissing actress Pavitra two days ago and declaring their love.

Naresh has already been married thrice and has three wives has every son. Naresh divorced his first two wives and announced that he would marry actress Pavithra soon. Recently, he became a hot topic after being caught red-handed in a hotel room with actress Pavitra Lokesh.

Pavitra has acted in many Telugu and Tamil films. Pavitra is already married. After that, she was in a Living relationship with Suchendra Prasad. Rumours have been spreading in Tollywood for the past few months that she is in a relationship with Naresh after breaking up with Suchendra Prasad.

Meanwhile, Naresh and Pavitra shared a video of each other feeding cake and kissing each other and posted, "New Year, New Beginning, Blessings from all of you, Happy New Year from us to all of you." This video is a current sensation in Tollywood.