Actor Rajinikanth Promised To Help Producer VA Durai

Actor Rajinikanth
Actor Rajinikanth

Actor Rajinikanth has promised to help with the medical expenses of producer VA Durai, who suffers from diabetes and has no money for medical treatment.

Producer V. A. Durai has produced films including 'Pidhamagan', 'Looti', 'Gajendra' and many others. He also worked as an executive producer in Rajinikanth's 'Baba'. VA Durai is suffering from diabetes. Separated from his wife and daughter, he lives alone in a house in Virugambakkam.

In this situation, he recently said through a video that he is suffering from poverty, and he has diabetes and no money even for treatment. His friends are keeping him in a house and providing him with the necessary help, but he is asking the film industry to help him as he needs a lot of money for his treatment. 

Actor Surya, Karunas, and others gave two lakhs after his video went viral online. In this situation, actor Rajinikanth sought medical help for producer VA Durai and inquired about his well-being over the phone.