Actress Sheela Rajkumar Announced Divorce From Thambi Chozhan

Actress Sheela Rajkumar
Actress Sheela Rajkumar

Sheela Rajkumar, a famous actress, has announced her divorce on her social media pages.

Sheela Rajkumar has acted in famous films like Mandela, Pichaikkaran 2, Jigarthanda DoubleX and Draupathi.

Thambi Cholar, who participated in the Naalaya iyakunar show, acted in a short film when Sheela fell in love with her. Love developed between these two. However, both of them did not consent to their love at home. Due to this, he married Cholan in 2014 despite his family's opposition. 

In this situation, actress Sheela has announced on her social networking pages that she is leaving her married life. She announced her decision by tagging her husband. Sheela also deleted the photos with her husband from the social media page.