Adithya Varma Movie review and rating: A New Star is Born

Adithya Varma Movie review and rating: A New Star is Born
Adithya Varma Movie review and rating: A New Star is Born

Aditya Varma is the second remake of the popular "Arjun Reddy" which was already remade and had a huge success in Bollywood as well, is now again made  into this Tamil version, but this time it is not Sandeep Reddy Vanga directing the Tamil version unlike the Hindi version , it is Gireesaaya the co-director for Arjun Reddy and Mahanadhi is directing this movie.

Dhruv Vikram, son of Chiyan Vikram, is the hero of this movie. Aditya Varma is his debut movie. The female lead is Banita Sandhu, and Priya Anand appears in a supporting role. The story plot is the same here as the original Arjun Reddy, but the slight variations in scenes are noticeable.

The music is awesome. Sid Sree Ram had sung a song in this, which is really heart-melting. The love portion worked out pretty decently. Previous, the same project was done by Director Bala and Dhruv, and it was canceled due to some internal problems on the production side with director Bala.

The story is all about a young dynamite student fell in love with a junior student, and all of a sudden, she would be forcefully married to the other guy from her family side. This makes the hero a drug addict and a self-destructive person who is also a doctor. Tt one point in time, he will be doing surgery to a patient in an inebriated critical condition, and this leads to the denial of his medical practice license.

He comes back to his healthy life after spending some valuable time with his family.  At this point, he dramatically meets his lover again. He comes to know that she is pregnant with his child in her womb and also comes to know that she got divorced. There was a final emotional scene where they would finally reunite.

Aditya Varma would not satisfy you if you had already watched Arjun Reddy. Dhruv had done a good performance and made some refreshments to the character. Overall the movie is good from our opinion as it’s a new team and they have done well a good old story. The movie is good even though it’s a remake.