Aghori Tamil Horror movie Starring Review Sidhu Sid Review

Aghori Movie Poster
Aghori Movie Poster

Aghori Tamil horror movie starring many new faces has been released in theatres today and is receiving varied responses from the audience.

Aghori is a mysterious saga that commences as five budding filmmakers come together for a scriptwriting session, only to become trapped in the ominous clutches of a haunted mansion. The movie delves into a malevolent storyline where otherworldly entities residing in the house compel the characters to undertake life-and-death challenges scripted in an unholy manner.

Aghori movie stars Sidhu Sid, Shruthi Ramakrishnan, Sayaji Shinde, Mime Gopi, Vetri, Madhan Gopal, KPY Sharath, Madhavi , Riyamikka and Jaggula Babu. It is good to see Serial Sidhu Sid on the big screen. 

The Aghori Tamil movie was released in theatres today. The audience enjoyed the movie till the end. There are many gripping scenes in the movie. All the characters have done justice to their roles. The content is new, so the viewers can enjoy the film. There are a few lags in the second part of the story.

There are logical errors in the film. Since it is a horror movie, we can judge the logic. Moreover, the movies are predictable.