Agilan Movie Review: Power Packed With Harbour Action Scenes

Agilan Movie
Agilan Movie

Agilan Movie starring Jayam Ravi, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Tanya Ravichandran, is released in theatres today. The movie is receiving an average review from the first show audience. Let's see Agilan movie is.

Agilan Movie Story:

Agilan is the anchor of all illegal smuggling in the harbour. Kapoor is the leader of all these. Deciding to meet him somehow, Agilan is assigned to deport a man who holds several countries' espionage secrets to meet him.

In the meantime, the police officer who wants to stop Agilan's game tries to arrest him by making various attempts. Did Agilan finally complete the assignment? What is his master plan behind it? Where did the confrontation between the officer who wanted to suppress Akhilan and he end up? That is the story of the film.

Agilan Movie Review:

The story of Agilan is different, but the screenplay could have been made a little better. The screenplay might be confusing for a few audiences. The action scenes are power-packed. All the locations of the film are a feast for the eyes. There aren't many love or romance scenes in the film. An action lover can thoroughly enjoy the movie.

The songs are good, and the background scoring is well-made. The cinematography is outstanding, especially in the ship and ocean scenes. Agilan Tamil movies can be enjoyed with friends and family. Watch the Agilan Tamil movie in theatres today.

Agilan Movie Cast:

Produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment Private Limited, this film is directed by Kalyan Krishnan. Sam CS composed the music for this film. The film stars Jayam Ravi, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Tanya Ravichandran and others.