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Aishwarya Rajesh Visits Bigg Boss House During Freeze Task

Aishwarya Rajesh Visits Bigg Boss House

The video of Aishwarya Rajesh entering the Bigg Boss house a little while ago is going viral on the internet while the contestants' family is coming to the Bigg Boss show this week.

Currently, Bigg Boss contestants are having fun with the Freeze task. Accordingly, yesterday Shivin's friends, Amuthavanan's family, Myna's husband Yogi and Kathiravan's mother visited the Bigg Boss house.

In this situation, Rakshita's mother and her brother visited the Bigg Boss house today, and it was revealed in today's promo. Manikandan's family visited, and the promo was also released.

While Manikandan's mother, wife and son have come, Manikandan's sister Aishwarya Rajesh has also come. This video is going viral on the internet.