Aladdin Movie Review: A Sure Entertainer for Kids

Aladdin Movie Review
Aladdin Movie Review

Will Aladdin bring back the magic of animated Aladdin released in 1992: Aladdin movie to be released today worldwide is a musical fantasy movie directed by Guy Ritchie. It is the live action version of one of the biggest hits of 1992 Aladdin, the animated film by Walt Disney. Its box office collection in 1992 itself was more than 700 million dollars. Aladdin film to be released today is produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Erich with a budget of 183 million dollars.

Fantasy and musical of a Middle East epic story told Hollywood way: Aladdin is a fantasy story of the Middle East said for centuries. It is about a magic lamp which the lead character to win his love and save the country. It is a typical storyline but with eastern musical songs. The children will love it for its fantasy done in the Hollywood style with the help of graphics and visual effects. The monkey Abu, parrot Lago, and tiger Rajah characters look like real with the help of technology, and it could amaze kids in India who are familiar with the storyline of a magic lamp, monkey, tiger and parrot.

Aladdin cast is racially mixed to bring in the middle east effect: Will Smith plays the role of a genie which was voiced by the legendary late comedian Robin Williams in the animated version. Will Smith has to fit in his shoes, which he fulfils to a great extent. Noami Scott fits perfectly for the princess Jasmine. Mena Massoud plays the lead role of Aladdin and does his part reasonably well. Marwan Kenzari plays the role of the villain Jafar and suits the part aptly. The songs pop up often to be a musically entertaining fantasy film. Nowadays, even in Indian movies, songs are getting reduced, and it could be a spoilsport for the film.

Aladdin is sure a Hollywood fantasy film to see as a change for adults and a sure entertainer for kids.