Amir And Pavani Marriage: Real Or Reel? BB Jodigal Vijay TV Show Promo

Amir And Pavni
Amir And Pavni

Serial actress Pavni is the crush of many youngsters after her appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil 5. There will often be many rumours about her relationship with dance master Amir who also participated in Bigg Boss Tamil 5. Will Pavni Reddy accept Amir's love? Will they get married? What relationship are they in? These are the major questions that are circling among the Vijay Tv BB Jodigal fans.

Pavni Reddy, depressed due to her husband's sudden suicide, faced many criticisms and hard times in her life. After her appearance participated in Bigg Boss Season 5, as usual, she was caught in a love controversy. Her relationship with the wildcard entry contestant Amir was high on talks.

Keeping aside the controversies, they both are in good relationships and are actively participating in many TV Shows. Currently, Amir and Pavni are giving their best performance in BB Jodigal 2 on Vijay Television. 

Aamir, who was already in love with Pavani, fulfilled his wish in one way and recently, on his birthday, Pavni posted that she loves Aamir through her Instagram page. Similarly, Aamir pleasantly surprised Pavni by giving her a ring as a love gift in the Bigg Boss couples show. But she asked for time to accept his love proposal.

While their love is getting stronger daily, Amir - Pavani, the BB Jodigal TV show, has released a promo of Amir - Pavni getting married on the same TV set is released. It seems that the scene of their marriage was taken at the dance show this week. Now, these photos are going viral on social media.