Amir And Pavni Steps Into New Phase Of Life By Senthamaraiye Song

Amir And Pavni
Amir And Pavni

Pavani and Amir had stepped into a new phase by showing up in an album song, Senthamaraiye music, directed by Jerald and AK Sasidaran. This trending couple is expected to get married soon, and the fans eagerly await the same.

Amir and Pavani gained much attention among the audience after their appearance on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. Amir started to have feelings for Pavni initial at the Bigg Boss show. The audience thought it was all for the TRP. Pavni is already married and was broken following her husband's death.

Amir, who understood Pavani's situation, fell in love with her and proposed to her continuously, although she always rejected them. Holding the success in Bigg Boss Season 5, Amir and Pavni entered the BB Jodigal and gathered much attention among the fans with amazing dance performances.

At the end of the show, Pavni and Amir won the BB Jodigal and celebrated the victory. After that, they both posted on social media, referring to each other as Life partners. By this, it was confirmed that Pavni said yes and will get married very soon.

A new music video, Senthamaraiye, directed by Jerald and AK Sasidaran, starring Amir and Pavni, has been released and is receiving a good response from the viewers. Already the song has received 60K likes within 18 hours. The song ends by connecting a Hindu and Muslim with a happy wedding.