Amir Pavni Valentines Day Photos Going Viral With Marriage Update

Amir And Pavni
Amir And Pavni

Amir and Pavni are the most famous couple going viral on social media. There are many fans following them on Instagram.

Their love story began in the Bigg Boss Season 5 show and continues. It is said that they are getting married soon, and their Valentine's Day photos are currently going viral on social media.

Pavni, a serial actress from Hyderabad, participated in Bigg Boss Season 5. In the initial days, she had lots of fans. Many admired her for her activities and the way she spoke Tamil. She gathered much attention after sharing her love story with her late husband, Pradeep. 

Pavni married her co-star, Pradeep Kumar, after a long-term love. In the initial days, everything was moving smoothly. Unfortunately, Pavni's husband committed suicide due to a minor disagreement which turned Pavni's life upside down.

Later after entering the Bigg Boss Tamil show, she met Choreographer Amir, a wild card contestant. He had been hanging around Pavni since day one and later expressed his love for her. Pavni, who initially did not accept Amir's love, accepted his when the couple danced together on the Bigg Boss Jodigal show.

Amir and Pavni, who are enjoying their love, said in a recent interview that they will get married soon. While the couple is expected to announce their wedding date in a few months, they have now given a pleasant surprise by releasing their Valentine's Day photos.