Anitha Becoming a Cry Baby around BB House: Promo1 , Oct 08

Anitha becoming a cry baby around Bigg Boss house
Anitha becoming a cry baby around Bigg Boss house

Another emotional speech by Anitha Sampath makes others gloomy. Past three days, she has ongoing quarrels with Suresh Chakravarthy. They both fight for silly things, which push them to be in most of the promos. 

On the first day, she accused him of insulting her, yesterday she ignored him when he asked her to be quiet. Also, she imputed him for triggering her to say such things, which creates a false impression on her.

Today She is delivering a speech as a part of the task. She narrated her life path, which made her what she is now. She said, "I don't have a permanent address. I yearned for a own house to fill the address in application forms. I am the responsible one in the family, my mother, father, and brother are like kids to me. I struggled a lot to get over with my life."

She tormented by Som Shekar and requested that he not compare her with anyone because she worked her tail off to create a good perception and strive to go on with it. Yesterday Som Shekar took part in her emotions soothed her. Today she gets angry with him for taunting her.

 Also, she is confessing her character to the camera, indicating, " I'm not the pleasing type, and I don't have a habit of earning good impression from everyone."