"He is trying to Trigger Me" Anitha to Som Shekar: Promo 3 , Oct 7

For the second day fight between Suresh and Anitha continues in BB house.
For the second day fight between Suresh and Anitha continues in BB house.

The fight between Anitha and Suresh is going intense. Today's third promo airs Anitha complaining about Suresh to Som Shekar. Still, she sticks on to yesterday's fight and Frustrated toward the audience for overlooking Suresh's fault. 

Yesterday Anitha Sampath accused Suresh for taunting her. He denied it from the start and said he hadn't uttered a word that insults others. But Anitha is not ready to give up the fight handily. She grumbles about Suresh's cruelty that he is trying to set out a shady portrayal of her.

"He is making a false impression" - Anitha 

In the garden area, Anitha and Som Shekar were discussing yesterday's fight. Let's Guess, maybe the scene occurs after the confrontation with Bigg Boss. She states, "Maybe he has chosen another word to convey the subject, but this is how I understood from his words."  As per Suresh's denial, he hasn't generally talked about newsreaders. 

He asked for confrontation using a Short film, which is proof of people's accusations. She continues, " okay, he did not use the word newsreader, but he talked about spitting while reading. Why did he mention it when I read the report."

"People have forgotten about what he said, but remembers the word I added. These unwanted quarrels cause a false impression on me" she adds. Anitha blames Suresh that he is trying to create a wrong picture about her, and he is triggering her to say such things.

He is doing these things to push himself in promos. So let him be the central one on promos, Anitha conversed with resentment. Som comforts her by answering, "if he tried to trigger you, don't let him". we must wait till evening to know the reason for Anitha's exasperation.