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Anjaamai (2024) Movie Review Starring Vidharth And Vani Bhojan


Anjaamai movie, a family drama focusing on NEET Exam in connection with politics has been released in theatres today. The movie received neutral reviews from the audience.

Anjaamai Plot:

Anjaamai is a family drama based on true incidents around the Neet Exam. The movie introduces a boy from a poor family background whose aim is to become a doctor. The boy gained good scores in the public exams and joined the NEET coaching centers with high fees. 

Anjaamai further details the problems faced by the students because of the Neet Exam. The movie turned into a Courtroom drama as the family took it to court. Will the justice be delivered to the boy and his family? is the rest of the story.

Anjaamai Movie Review:

As the movie title suggests 'Anjaamai' is a very bold movie as it openly talks about state and national politics. Vidharth played the father of the son who aims to become a doctor, his character made the audience sympathize with him, and his acting in the role created an emotional impact as it showed the struggle of the father.

Vani Bhojan as a mother portrays her sentiments well. Especially in the scenes, where she witnesses her family's conditions getting worse during the NEET exam issue. The other characters Krithik Mohan, and Rahman also well-played their roles.

Anjaamai made the viewers aware of the corrupted society and raises questions about inequality happening in the society. It also shows the audience a clear view of the state and national politics surrounding the Neet Exam. The unaffordable prices for the coaching center are centralized in the film and show how poor people struggles to pay the fees.

The movie Anjammai will connect well with the NEET aspirants and their families. Even with a strong script, the movie failed to attract people to theatres as the advertisement did not reach the audience. Some people consider the movie a slow melodrama and feel the movie lacks a gripping storyline.

Overall, the first half of the Anjaamai movie is emotional and the second half is a racing plot against injustice. 

Anjaamai Movie Cast And Crew:

Anjaamai features Vani Bhojan, Rahman, Krithik Mohan, and Rekha Sivan. The movie was written and directed by SP Subburaman, and produced by  Dr. M. Thirunavukarasu MD. The music for the film was composed by Raghav Prasad.