Anjaan, Paiyaa Movie Director Lingusamy Sentenced 6 Months Of Jail

Director Lingusamy
Director Lingusamy

Saidapet court sentenced director Lingusamy and his brother Subhash Chandra Bose to 6 months imprisonment in the finance company check fraud case. In this situation, it has been reported that Lingusamy's side will appeal in this case.

Lingusamy made his debut as a director in the film Anandham. The movie released under his direction is still many people's favourite movie. Lingusamy has directed Aanandham, Run, Ji, Sandakozhi, Bheemaa, Paiyaa, Vettai, Anjaan, Sandakozhi 2 and The Warriorr. 

But the subsequent films did not work for Lingusamy. Suriya starrer Anjaan failed to meet the fans' expectations, which was highly anticipated. Similarly, the movie 'Shindukozhi 2' also flopped in Lingusamy. 

The Telugu film The Warrior, starring Ram Pothaneni and Kriti Shetty, was released on the 15th and failed miserably. Only the bullet song went viral on social media.

 In this situation, Director Lingusamy and his brother Subhash Chandra Bose were sentenced to 6 months in prison by the Saidapet court for the PVP check fraud case.