Annachi, Abhinay Double Evicted In Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Weekend Episode?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Promos for today's Bigg Boss Tamil 5 episodes are released. Actor and host Kamal Haasan are brightening the stage with his brisk and vibrant talks. By watching the promo, it is clear that Kamal Hassan sir will speak on the Pavni Abhinay issue and Priyanka and Thamarai Selvi fight.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is stepping into its 69th day with a majority of fights and less fun. The task is given by the Bigg Boss with fun and ends with fights. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 season made the viewers tired with continuous fights and misunderstandings. There must be a fight in Bigg Boss only then it will be entertaining but only fight in all the episodes males the viewers get tensed.

In the last two days, Pavni and Abhinay relationship issues were high on talk. The talks about them again were raised inside the house during political tasks. Raju questioned what he felt, but Abhinay was not ready to answer, and he even said to Pavni that he didn't need to clarify. Priyanka, Amir, Pavni and Abhinay discussed this together.

At a once certain point, Pavni voiced out against Raju and Ciby on this matter. She even questions Raju whether you are my brother? who are you to question me? Ciby was staying strong with his statement and at last burst out of anger. Raju tried to make her understand what point he tried to question, but Pavni told him that She hadn't given any right for him to question.

After watching the first promo of today's episode, it was clear that Kamal Haasan sir is going to speak on this topic today. Most probably, it is expected that Raju and Cbiby will be targeted and accused of this issue. But even after so many problems, no housemates are thinking by whom the talk started again. Tweets are flowing on Twitter by favouring their favourite contestants.

Thamarai Selvi and Priyanka had lots of fights and misunderstandings last week. This will also be discussed in today's episode by Kamal sir. It is also said that there will be double eviction this week, and among that, Annachi will get eliminated. There is a high level of chances for Annachi and Abhinay to get evicted this week. It is very curious to know how host Kamal Haasan is going to handle the issue today.