Annachi Is Not Ready To Work Under Niroop Captaincy Why?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Following the hashtag Thamarai, now Niroop is going trend on Twitter after the release of the first two promos of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. Many favouritism is flowing for Niroop for the smart move he had made be the captain of the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has been heading with many twists and turns in recent days. The re-entry of Abishek Raaja and the wild card entry of Sanjjev and Amir are the surprising entries for the Bigg Boss housemates and to the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers.

The shocking news for the Bigg Boss fans was that Kamal Haasan was tested positive was covid 19. With that, the hosting updates were aired with different names. Finally, the announcement of Ramya Krishnan as the host made the viewers overwhelmed with joy. As a host-actress, Ramya Krishnan seemed to be tense on the first day, but on the second day, she did a very well job.

Few viewers feel that Ramya Krishnan is gender-biased and supports more for Thamarai Selvi and Akshara Reddy. Social media is popping with different thoughts of comments by the hosting of Ramya Krishnan few likes and few dislikes. 

Following this weekend episodes, the promo for today's Bigg Boss episode is released. After the release of today's promo for day 57, Niroop name is trending on Twitter. From the first week of Bigg Boss Season 5, the Niroop name is well received by the audience in love and hate terms. At some point, it was said that Priyanka was roaming with a poison Niroop who was trying to get attention via Priyanka.

Later with the behaviour of Priyanka, it was clear that Priyanka considers Niroop as a good friend. It is often screened when Priyanka supports and stick to Niroop in many situations. Many have warned Priyanka to play her game individually without depending on any others.

Niroop was a bit silent last week, and the housemates like him. Even Niroop thought about this in-depth. Today Captaincy task is going to be held since it is Monday. In it, Annachi wins, but Niroop makes use of his coin power wisely and becomes the captain.

The argument arises when Niroop assigns work for the housemates. Annachi is yelling against Niroop, and Annachi is not ready to do work. Varun also shouts regarding the assignment of work. Meanwhile, Abishek Raaja is cooly standing next to Pavni without arguments. It is very eager to watch today's episode as Bigg Boss Tamil is heating up.