Avatar Recap: Summary And Connectivity Of Avatar Part 1 And Part 2

Avatar The Way Of Water
Avatar The Way Of Water

There are many reasons why to watch Avatar movie directed by James Cameron. It is a little difficult to understand Avatar: The Way of Water without knowing Avatar Part 1. Here is the summary and connectivity of Avatar Part 1 and 2.

Trouble begins again for Jack Sully's family and the people of Pandora who depend on him. One line of the second part of Avatar is about how Jack Sully saves himself and his family from Colonel Miles and crew.

Just like the first part of Avatar, the second part has also been built in a visually appealing way. Almost 13 years ago, James Cameron took us to a new world. The first part will explore how Jack Sully became an angel to the Navis, charting the transgressions of human power in the human vs Navi concept.

The Earth's natural resources have run out in 2154. The rich mineral unobtanium is mined by the Resources Development Administration (RDA) on Pandora, a moon in the Alpha Centauri solar system. The Navi are blue-skinned, sapient humanoids that stand 10 feet (3.0 m) tall and coexist peacefully with nature on the gaseous planet Pandora. 

Avatar Recap: Summary And Connectivity Of Avatar Part 1 And Part 2

Na'vi-human hybrids known as "avatars" are used by genetically matched human scientists to explore Pandora. Marine Jake Sully, paralysed, is dispatched to Pandora to take the place of his murdered twin, who had signed up to be an operator.

In the final battle between Jack Sully and Colonel Miles, the end of the first part ends with Pandora leaving the world and humans returning to Earth. However, the human nuisance did not go away. New teams are sent out to conquer this Pandora world.

Jake and Neytiri (Navi princess of the Omaticaya clan)  fall in love as Jake is initiated into the tribe. He and Neytiri choose each other as mates. Jake confesses that he was a spy and the Navi take him and Grace captive when the time comes. Jake is permanently transferred into his Avatar with the aid of the Tree of Souls.

Neytiri views this as Eywa responding to Jake's prayer when the Pandoran animals unexpectedly join the assault and overwhelm the humans, saving the Navi. Jake's body is exposed to Pandora's toxic atmosphere after Quaritch (Colonel Miles), dressed in an AMP suit, jumps from his downed plane and destroys the avatar link unit holding it. When Neytiri first sees Jake's human form, she kills Quaritch as he slices the avatar's throat, saving Jake from suffocation.

Avatar Recap: Summary And Connectivity Of Avatar Part 1 And Part 2

Avatar: The Way of Water Part 2:

Jack learns he can't save his family if he lives in the forest any longer, with Colonel Miles returning in a different guise. He goes with his entire family to Metkayina, where the Reef people live. 

James Cameron has taken this second part by mixing new locations, new problems and family conflicts. Avatar: The Way of Water is more content about the family, especially concentrating on Jake Sully as a father than a hero to the pandora.

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