Ayyappan Ramasamy Controversy Talk About Female Fans Going Viral

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Ayyappan Ramasamy, Journalist and Political Editor, has stuck into a controversy after his video surfaced on social media.

 Ayyappan Ramasamy gained attention and fame among the Public after interviewing politicians and party members of the BJP. His questions will be sharp, and the opposite will stumble to answer. The audience will admire his skill in most of his interviews.

Even the youngsters will watch his videos to see how he roasts his guests and makes them struggle to answer his bold yet twisted questions. Even in his recent days, he interviewed Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Title winner Azeem. This interview went viral on social media because Ayyappan Ramasamy asked most of the questions running through the Public's minds.

In this situation, since Wednesday night, a segment of the lengthy video published by Madan Ravichandran featuring Ayyappan Ramasamy talking about his female admirers has been trending online. Ayyappan is heard in the video claiming a sizable female following on the social media site where he posts photos and videos.

In the leaked video, Ayyappan Ramasamy said, "You know my Instagram fan base, right?? It 125K now, increasing in high speed," Ayyappan Ramasamy could be heard saying in the video. "Almost all of them who are with Panimalar are my fans.

Once, a girl commented on Panimalar's video saying that "Ayyappan Ramasamy fans hit like", but Panimalar deleted that comment. She is very mindful", he further says. He even received money at the end of the video. This video is currently going viral on social media.