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Azeem Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Winner Rumours Surface On Social Media

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 has heated up as the finals have almost come. The three finalists are strong BB6 contestants with equal numbers of fans. Bigg boss viewers are curious to know who will be the title winner.

Amudavanan left with Rs.11.75 lakhs. Fans and viewers say that he has taken the right decision and a smart move. In such a case, Maina Nandhini became the third runner-up in Bigg Boss Season 6. Her eviction was already expected. When Rachitha was evicted, most of the Bigg Boss fans thought why Maina is still in the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 started with 21 contestants that included GP Muthu, Shivin Ganesan, Asal Kolar, Nivashini, Quency, Shanthi, VJ Maheswari, Azeem, Robert Master, AdK, Janany, Ram, Kathiravan, Manikandan, Rachitha, Ayeesha, Sherina, Dhanalakshmi, Amithavanan and Vikraman. Later Myna Nandhini entered the Bigg Boss house.

In this case, only three are on the final day. Azeem and Vikraman fans are in dispute on social media pages. Hashtags on Azeem Bigg Boss Title winner and Vikraman Bigg Boss Title winner is going trending. On the other hand, Shivin is trending with the hashtag Shivin Supremecy. Let us wait for one more day to know who will be the title winner of Bigg Boss Season 6.