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Azeem Deserve Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Title? Vikraman First Runner Up

Bigg Boss Season 6

The 'Grand Finale' of Bigg Boss Season 6 was held yesterday. Azeem won the title and his fans are celebrating his victory. Praises are pouring for him.

The sensational finale made the heartbeat of the fans soar. Kamal Haasan held up his hand and announced that Azeem was the winner in one way. After this, the winner Azeem was presented with prize money of 50 lakh rupees and a modern luxury car from Maruti Suzuki.

Azeem, who took the title trophy in his hands, said, 'My victory is for God. I am thankful to my parents who raised me from my childhood by telling me only good things.'

Fans all over the world were eagerly waiting to see who would be the winner out of the three finalists. Vikraman fans expected him to be the winner and had high hope. Even a few Bigg Boss viewers said that he was a deserving contestant for the Bigg Boss title. But still not only Vikraman even his fans are now happy with the result because Azeem is also an equally deserving contestant.

Similarly, Shivin and her fans are happy about the success. He has created a history in Bigg Boss Tamil history. He made the season and her community proud.