Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 28 Ended with Mohan Vaidya Elimination

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 28 Ended with Mohan Vaidya Elimination
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 28 Ended with Mohan Vaidya Elimination

Mohan Vaidya evicted today among a lot of suspense, drama, and nail-biting events on day 28th day of bb3.

Expect the unexpected happened today with the much expected Meera saved and the next in line Vaidya evicted. There was a lot of drama, suspense, and events before the eviction. 

It made everyone tense as a weekly magazine wrote that the big boss is increasing the BP  of Tamil people.

Not much of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house activity on day 28:

Madhu mocks Tharshan of his love of an elderly Sherin. Tharshan requests her not to balloon the issue. Abirami becomes the crying baby again to feed the promos of saying what I did to go out without any reason.

Kamal answers critics:

Kamal answers critics of why should an intellectual like Kamal go down his standard by hosting big boss. He said that hosting a big boss is the greatest gift of his life. 

He further asserted that he is not going to leave it and its wonderful interactions with a lot of people for being named intellectual.

Two callers accuse and confuse contestants:

Surprisingly this week there were two callers. One was to Meera, which straight away attacked Meera by asking why she is more arguing than working.

She says that she follows rule strictly and will do any extra work also if proper appreciation received.  Next, the question was to Reshma why she acts only together with someone and not solo by comparing her to Vadivel and Senthil-Goundamani.

She says she has helped a lot of people single-handedly and wants to be both Senthil and Vadivel.

The blame game of contestants exposed by Bigg Boss 3 Tamil:

Next comes the trouble for the contestants. Someone had said about Cheran that he wants to act to be the director also in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house as Cheran Sengottuvan, Saravanan said it.

Cheran refuses to guess on it. Next, comes the 'Sathan vedam othutha' said by Sandy.  Cheran guesses it correctly as Sandy and also the director dominancy comment by Meera.

Meera, as usual, shows her attitude by blaming Cheran for the two comments on her said by Abirami.

Shakshi saying Kavin changes tracks as he gets clapping in the eviction day was wrongly guessed by him as Meera.

The comments said by the original person is not shown to the contestants and left to their guess if not found out by them.

When Kamal asked Meera what could be the reason if she gets evicted today, she goes on and on about the wrong perceptions of others to their irritation.

Joker saves Meera:

A  joker comes into the big boss house to save one of the contestants. He dances with Meera for the Apporava Sakothargarl joker song and saves Meera and goes.

Next Kamal announces that Abiraami as saved contestant and she starts to cry again. Saravanan, who is the survivor of the show, proves it is right once again by being protected by the audience. That left only Cheran and Mohan Vaidya in final elimination portion.

Mohan Vaidya shows his irritation even before the eviction announcement:

Mohan Vaidya on discussion with the contestants over who is going to evicted show his frustration on the male contestants. Cheran cautions Mohan Vaidya not to use loose words as the results not yet announced. Also, he says that it will affect him further staying in the house among other housemates.

The suspense built up by the master actor:

The suspense is built well by Kamal being the entertainer of India for more than half a century.

Finally, after most of the contestants finished biting their nails, and audience coming to the edge of their seats towards the TV set, Kamal announced it was Vaidya.

Cheran folded his hands in a thanking gesture showing his willingness and happiness to be in the big boss house.  Vaidya was emotional and sobbing uncontrollably.

He showed his good side of character by asking sorry to Saravanan.  Also, he advised Meera to be not angry with everyone and be friendly with all.

Mohan Vaidya angry and praiseful of contestants:

But Mohan Vaidya has done enough damage in the house by showing his anger to Sandy and Kavin. They were upset of Vaidya, and Saravanan said he is like that only.

He was again angry of them of not telling his name on the eviction day. To that Kamal said only two of contestants nominated him and it was only the audience that evicted him from the big boss house.

To that, he said he is angry with them to the astonished Kamal.  The reasons for his eviction were indirectly brought out by Kamal even without Vaidya knowing it.

Kamal's advise to Mohan Vaidya:

Mohan Vaidya was also all praises for Sandy who he termed as the best entertainer of big boss house. But he was also jealous when the crowd clapped every time of uttering Sandy's name. 

The video clipping shown by big boss was moving one with his kisses, hugs, shouts, and all the emotions of Mohan Vaidya. When he was asked to talk to the contestants of the house, he once again said he blamed them for his eviction.

To that, Kamal intruded and said it is advisable to take only happy memories and not leave any bruised wounds. Then Vaidya changed his angle and thanked everyone and advised them accordingly.

To Sandy, he asked not to take anything he said against him while he was coming out of the house.

The big boos' Naina' is no more in the house and will be remembered not only by the contestants but also by the audiences for his activities and "atrocities."

Kamal gave farewell advice that he being known 15 new books in the big boss house now should write his book at home perfectly. The day ends with Reshma challenging the person who made her Senthil and Vadivel in the big boss show.

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