Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Host Kamal Haasan Talks About Divorce to Sakshi

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Host Kamal Haasan Talks About Divorce to Sakshi
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Host Kamal Haasan Talks About Divorce to Sakshi

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil - Kamal talks about divorce to Sakshi

Bigg Boss and Kamal never fail to spring surprises every weekend. Yesterday was not an exception with wise advice on divorce by Kamal to Sakshi. Being a veteran actor Kamal is also not devoid of love and marriage failures. Tamil people know about all of it and Kamal advising love breakup and divorce could be the idle and valid one.

What did Kamal say about divorce in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil on 3rd August?

Kamal after a round of gruelling Kavin advised Sakshi not to take it seriously and move on. He cited a fantastic example of divorce in joint families is fewer compared to the independent living of only husband and wife. The reason Kamal said is, there is an outlet in a joint family to vent anger, depression, anguish, and many other feelings with others. It could be a sister, uncle, aunt, or any relations. It could soothe the mind to a great extent to control anger and divorce. Kamal said this to Sakshi to be friendly with others and not to make this issue the only factor of the bigg boss days. 

What is the broader picture of Kamal advice on divorce?

Until a few years ago, the divorce factor was not common as it is now with the Indian people. The sole reason for it could be the cultural change of not living in a joint family in this period. Due to a variety of reasons, it has become a necessity nowadays. Though it has some favourable aspects, it is all only in good times. But during bad times, which is bound to occur for any family, it aggravates the issues between the couple. Since there is no one to vent the anguish or anger, it gets boiled to go to a stage between the couple to never be together again. All these happen due to the lack of advice and guidance by elders with experience.


Independent living preferred by the current generation:

This generation youngsters who start living with their own legs within a short time, feel that they know everything. They get their bike, car, marriage, and house all in a short time. With the western culture, they think that they can be happy only away from their family. All is good till everything is fine. But once there comes a time sooner or later when they feel they are deserted and no one to be on their side. Since it is only their better half to rely on it becomes a burden more than love. When the pressure mounts they rush to the court and get a divorce. 

Kamal, with his advice on divorce, could have made many think of what could be the benefits of joint family. It is the right point Kamal put forth yesterday for the well being of many stressed couples around the world.

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