Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Meera with Cheran and Sherin with Tharshan Highlights

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestant Meera Mithun.
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestant Meera Mithun.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil House with New Turns

The horror game started on day 16 is set to make up the contestants in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil House and the audience to be on the edge of their seats today. 

The Big Boss latest promos only bring in not only the horror of the task but also a lot of truth by Tharshan and Madhumitha. The second and third promos are the revelations of the reality of Sherin by Tharshan and that of Sakshi by Madhumitha.

First Promo occupies Cheran and Meera

The first promo brings in again the ugly face of Meera.  She seems to quarrel with Cheran about day 16 cleaning issue.  She speaks to Cheran without any respect and leaves in mid of the arguments. 

Cheran apologizes of some remark he made against her on day 16.  But when he mentions that those who are in the cleaning team should be co-operative in work or leave, it enraged Mira, and she shouts back at him to everyone's astonishment. It could be a sure decider for her in the elimination on Sunday.

Funny Crush between Sherin and Tharshan Second Promo

The second promo is about Tharshan's revelations of his crush on Sherin in the horror task. He ends with a negative note that after seeing his dream girl in the big boss house, he wants to remain a sanyasi all his life.  

It brings widespread laughter and for further discussion between Tharshan and Sherin. Maybe it could be another flirting experience of BB3 in the making.

Madhumitha twist and turn in promo 3

The third promo is about the truth of Sakshi's love on Kavin revealed by Madhumitha.  She says that she does not know anyone except Sakshi of the BB3 house before her coming in. 

She went on to say that Sakshi used to act well outside and is doing so inside the BB3 house.  Her love for Kavin is also a form of acting, which even Kavin is not aware of is what made everyone say that she is revealing all the truth.  

The three promos of day 17 confirm the continuance of the horror game and more of truth revelations setting the stage for future fights in the BB3 house.

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