Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Title Winner: Losliya or Sherin - Who is the ultimate choice?

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Title Winner
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Title Winner

Losliya or Sherin - Who is the ultimate choice of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show winner? By the end of today, the Tamil people will be mostly confirmed of who is winning the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show. The more than 100 days of an ordeal for some and enjoyable experience for others comes to an end tomorrow.

But as usual, it is not without the thrill and happiness or sorrow of knowing the winner of the 50 lakhs prize money. Mugen, who was hyped to the hilt like Tharashan before, maybe the winner. Sandy, the silent killer, and the only Tamil Nadu participant, may win this time.

Or it could be the cool Sherin from Karnataka to be a surprise winner. Above all, many expect Losliya to win this third season of Bigg Boss 3 show. But it seems from last week's happenings on stage and Bigg Boss 3 house, the fight is mainly between Sherin and Losliya.

Kamal hint of women importance in society last week: Kamal was not comfortable while evicting Tharshan in the previous week. He also gave a clue for the final. He said that women should be given due importance in society. In other words, it may or may not be an indication of Sherin or Losliya winning the show. 

Also, he steered away from the eviction controversy of Tharshan, saying that it depends only on the votes. To console Tharshan, he went to the extent of saying that only for the popularity of the Bigg Boss house he is also in it,  and wished Tharshan to use if for future.

Why should Mugen or Sandy cannot be the winners? Mugen, like Tharshan, was hyped to be the winner from halfway of the show. He was a close contestant to Tharshan and gave a tough fight to him in all the tasks. Though his rude behavior of damaging of Bigg Boss house property, he was pardoned without even a question.

But all this hype will only be fruitful if he is not selected as the winner. But it could upset the Malaysian viewers, and the Bigg Boss organizers will be worried about that. But Sri Lankan audience or far more than the Malaysian audience and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora are spread all over the world.

It means a bigger market for Bigg Boss organizers than the Malaysian audience. Also, they know how to bring back them with the right contestant from Malaysia next year.

Sandy, though a full entertainer in the Bigg Boss 3 house and with enormous support from audience votes, may still lose the prize because he is from Tamil Nadu. Also, his last week's action of showing anger against Tharshan's forced eviction may have an adverse impact on him to be chosen as the winner.

Check if our contentions of the winner choice correct with more articles during the day to know the rightful winner and the one chosen a winner by the organizers of the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show.