Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Save your Contestants in Hotstar

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil host Kamal Hassan
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil host Kamal Hassan

Hotstar App Voting:

Apart from Vijay TV, it is the Hotstar which is streaming the Big Boss 3 Tamil all day for audiences to view it any time.  Also, it shows some unseen scenes in Vijay TV.

Hence to reciprocate the favor Big Boss Tamil has for the first time made voting favorite and right contestants via the Hotstar app.

It is a simple process, and each contestant can vote up to 50 votes per day.  It could be for one contestant or more than one by splitting the 50 votes.  Anyway, it is the golden chance for the audience to retain their favorite stars and genuine contestants.  

New User: Four steps to cast your vote in Hotstar app:

1. Visit the Android Play Store or IOS store to get Hotstar app 

2. Login with an email account, phone number, or social media account

3. Click the Bigg Boss Tamil banner 

4. Below the Video Play, "Voting for Today is now Open" Click Vote and Tap the contestants you want to save.

For Existing Users, Check from 4th Point above.

These four simple steps will make a big difference for your favorite star and the eligible contestant to even win the valuable prize. 

Also, it will help the right contestant to make the show better and exciting until the end of the show.

Download the Hotstar app immediately to vote today for retaining your favorite star before midnight. Do it before it is too late, and your 50 votes could make a difference for the show and the contestant.

Elimination and Contestants:

The first elimination of Big Boss Tamil season 3 happened on Sunday, July 7th 2019, and it will continue for another 12 to 14 weeks to eliminate 12 to 13 contestants.

Now there are 16 contestants, and in the coming days, the last surprise contestant is to make the entry into the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show. Hence after the eliminations, the last three will be left to select the bounty prize winner.

Hence the craze to voting has started among the Tamil people around the world. Everyone wants to know the ways of voting to save their favorite and right contestant of BB3.  Many general people who do not have any liking to celebrity contestants wish for the right contestant with the right attitude and character to win.

Since the bounty prize and the continuance of the right contestant is crucial for the show voting is the talk of the town now.

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