Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Voting Could Change by Contestants Activities

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Voting Could Change by Contestants Activities
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Voting Could Change by Contestants Activities

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Day 17:

The cleaning issue between Meera and Cheran takes an ugly turn in the morning and could be the main reason for Meera being evicted out of the big boss three house this week.

She did not clean the house the previous night as scheduled. But she unnecessarily questions Cheran and even when Abirami intervenes to solve the issue she shouts at the top of her voice against Cheran.

Mohan Vaidya, who was lying down in the cremation ground, was highly irritated by Sandy and others. He went to the extent of complaining to the big boss to make them stop, or he will lose control.

Even though Sandy and others said it was only to retain him in the big boss 3 house, he is not convinced.  At one point, he was even seen crying due to the feeling of ill-treatment by youngsters.

Today two more killings were ordered by the big boss.  They were Sherin and Reshma. The much-awaited ghost makeup of Sherin has finally happened.

Sherin was famous for her negative role appearance in Whistle movie. She also makes her eyes role like a ghost often to make the other contestants afraid.  

The task to kill Sherin was to make her kiss Tharshan, which was easily accomplished by Vanitha. Due to the crush between Tharshan and Sherin, the much-expected kiss given on the hand of Sherin.

The task to kill Reshma was easy. Vanitha was to make her provide a cold coffee to all the contestants, and it was also quickly done. 

The next task was "Mannavane Azalama".

Alive contestants can share their experiences with the dead contestants in Bigg Boss House during the last 16 big boss days.

Sandy was jokingly critical of Reshma, Mohan, and others. Madhumitha created flutters with her truth on Sakshi and Abirami.

Even during her saying these, there were angry exchanges from Abirami and others.

Tharshan confirmed his dream girl is Sherin and wants to be a sanyasi all his life after waiting many years and seeing Sherin in person. 

In the fag end of the 17th day, it was the discussion of who is the killer and some philosophical talk by Vanitha and Mohan. There were talks like no one is going to stay in this world forever, and there is no surety to anyone to get up alive in the morning.

Sandy tried to make Meera not to avoid Tharshan and make her speak to him.

The day ends with the romantic talk between Sherin and Tharshan. Altogether the 17th day was more of building the issues between the contestants for more fierce fighting and exciting events for the next few days.