Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestants were Quarantined; Athulyaa Ravi Denial

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil - Athulyaa Ravi
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil - Athulyaa Ravi

According to the Latest information, Bigg boss 4 Tamil contestants were quarantined to avoid the risk of an outbreak. They were tested and quarantined for two weeks before they enter Bigg boss house.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil premiere date is not announced yet, it is expected to commence at the end of September. Contestants of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil have undergone COVID tests and quarantined already.

After the quarantine period, they have to pass the final test before entering the Bigg boss house for another 100 days of quarantine. The last five months of quarantine made Tamilnadu people to be in their shoes.

Staying in the house doing nothing but household things made us to realize how hard it is. So the point of view would totally change from the last three seasons.

Tamil actress Athulyaa Ravi was predicted as BiggBoss 4 Tamil contestant. But, on Aug 28, in the comment section of her Instagram post, she responded to her fan's question about her participation in Bigg boss, she said it is a piece of fake news.

Meanwhile, Kiran Rathode, well known from Anbe Sivam and Gemini, did not deny about being a star cast in Bigg boss 4 Tamil.