Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Kamal Hits COVID 19 Awareness in Promo Today

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Kamal Hits COVID 19 Awareness in Promo Today
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Kamal Hits COVID 19 Awareness in Promo Today

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo brings in COVID 19 awareness: The much-awaited promo of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is released today, September 5, by Vijay TV. With the tagline of will question wrong deeds but appreciate good ones, Kamal, as usual, is at its best. He advocates the crucial steps for living in these worst coronavirus crisis times. With the promo released, now the rumors of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil streaming live from October 4 increases along with the contestants' expectations.

Kamal brings in COVID 19 awareness in the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo; After Telugu and Hindi Bigg Boss promos for 2020 promise entertainment, Kamal as a senior host brings in the COVID 19 awareness. The first part is for the children to focus on online learning. Next is to maintain one and a half feet distance between people buying essentials from shops, which is considered a significant reason for the rise in COVID 19 cases.

Next is for the gentlemen without work or work at home to help their soul mate with domestic work rather than enjoy with smartphones. Next is for the youngsters who wander the streets in bikes without masks. And then is the petrol bunk employee asking to wear mask to fill fuel.

The last is reserved for the elders warning them not to go outside as they are more vulnerable to the virus. The first promo ends with Kamal's tagline of will question wrong deeds but will appreciate good ones.

Teaser and promo increases the hype of the contestants' list : The Bigg Boss 4 Tamil teaser a few days back, and now the release of the promo increases the interest of the people in the contestants' to take part in the show. Many suggest the following as the most tentative list of contestants.

  • Radha Ravi or Manobala for the elderly category
  • Sharan of Vada Chennai and TJ of Asuran for the youth category
  • Sunaina to add celebrity for the show
  • Ramya Pandian, one in Robo Shankar family, and Pugazh from Vijay TV
  • Singer Chinmayi for the controversial candidate
  • Kiran & Poonam Bajwa to add glamour to the show
  • R J Ramesh Thilak and Vidyulekha Lekha Raman for being the comedians for the show

All have to wait for official confirmation from Vijay regarding the date of streaming the most awaited reality show, Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. Also, to confirm the contestant list to entertain the Tamil people worldwide for another three to four months to forget the coronavirus and enjoy one hour daily.