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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Contestant Singer Iykki Berry Biography And Photos

Iykki Berry

And the wait is over as the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 reality show has begun. The journey of love clash, friendship, misunderstanding is yet to start. The list of the contestants is exciting, and it is very exciting to know more about them.

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The list of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil is now known to all after. Bigg Boss 5 Tamil contestants are Raju, Isai Vani, Namitha Marimuthu, Mathumitha, Abishek Raja, Priyanka, Abhinay, Pavni, Chinna Ponnu, Nadia Chang, Imman Annachi, Suruthi, Akshara Reddy, Iykki Berry, Thamarai Selvi, Niroop, and Ciby.

Here is the biography of the pop singer and independent artist Iykki Berry. The fans are so excited to know her details because of many reasons. Iykki Berry impressed the Tamil fans with her energetic song on stage. The lyrics were so lovely with in-depth love meaning.

She proudly mentioned that she is from an agricultural background in Thanjavur. Iykki Berry gave a beautiful definition for her name. She said that Iykki refers to Ikkiyam, which means unity. She is a physician (cosmetology), musician and songwriter.

She is running a Youtube channel Iykki Berry that has 3.45K subscribers. The viewers well-received her video songs, and the songs are so amazingly written and composed with good music. Iykki Berry proudly mentions that she is a Rapper, Singer, songwriter, rockstar and Doctor on her Youtube Channel.

Following her charming talks and lovely gestures while entering the Bigg Boss house made the #Iykkiberry go viral on social media. Let us see how Iykki Berry travels in the journey of Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil.