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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: Is Abishek Playing Safe Game In All The Tasks?

Abishek Raaja

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is successfully stepped into its second nomination process, and the leader of this week is also selected in Yesterday's episode.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 was started on October 3 with a grand celebration. As a whole, eighteen contestants entered inside the Bigg Boss house. The confirmed contestants were Raju, Isai Vani, Namitha Marimuthu, Madhumitha, Abishek Raaja, Priyanka, Abhinay, Pavni Reddy, Chinna Ponnu, Nadia Chang, Varun, Imman Annachi, Suruthi, Akshara Reddy, Iykki Berry, Thamarai Selvi, Niroop and Ciby.

Week 1 of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 went well without any clashes nor huge misunderstandings. There was no elimination in the first week, and the contestants were happy, but due to some unavoidable situations, Namitha Marimuthu walked out of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. And the reasons were rumoured in the air with different stories.

In the first nomination process, all the contestants were nominated other than Pavni Reddy. Thamarai Selvi was not nominated because she won the captaincy task of the week. The weekend elimination process was held, and Nadia Chang from Malaysia was eliminated by receiving less number of votes.

Although she was a strong contestant, she remained silent in many places. She voiced out only in some places when the point is on her. Her eviction saddened Madhumitha and the other contestants. And now only 16 contestants are there inside the Bigg Boss house. Days are passing by, but still, the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil has not created a big impact so far.

Yesterday there held a Captaincy task in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. The contestants to participate in the captaincy task was selected based on following the rules inside the Bigg Boss House. By that, Isaivani, Ciby, Pavni Reddy, Raju and Imman Annachi was selected.

The task was all about the other contestants should trigger the emotions of the participants. Imman Annachi failed in the first round itself, and then the Niroop and Abishek dressed like girls and tried to make them, but the participants were holding their emotions. While watching it seems like Abishek hurts other contestants but speaks softly to Pavni during the task.

And in the final round, the contestants were given a chance to put the garland on the contestants who they wished to be the captain of this week. Raju received less garland, and he also participated in the task. There was a tie between Pavni and Ciby. When Raju put the garland on Ciby, the tie broke, and Ciby became the leader of the house.

Following this, the teams were separated for this week. The cooking team members are Isaivani, Iykki Berry, Thamarai Selvi, Varun and Priyanka. In house cleaning team Suruthi, Niroop, Raju and Madhumitha shares the work. Toilet cleaning is allotted for Imman Annachi, Akshara, Abhinay. Pavni Reddy, Chinna Ponnu and Abishek are in the vessel washing team.

After this was, the nomination process for this week elimination was held. The names told by the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants were so interesting, and the reason was slightly valid.