Bigg Boss Aarav to Marry an Actress - It is not Oviya but Raahei

Bigg Boss Aarav to Marry an Actress
Bigg Boss Aarav to Marry an Actress

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 title winner Aarav Nafeez is to marry an actress on September 6. But wait, it is not Oviya, but model-turned-actress Raahei. The medical kiss fame Oviya - Aarav's relationship continued even in his upcoming movie Raja Bheema.

But it is not for real-life is the sad news for the Bigg boss show fans now as sources confirm of Aarav marrying Raahei who is debuting in Gautham Menon's Joshua.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Arav Marriage Photos

Bigg Boss Aarav - Oviya

One of the major attractions and reasons for the spectacular success of Bigg boss Tamil season 1 is the medical kiss shared between Oviya and Aarav. Though Oviya could not continue in the big boss Tamil 1 house for many reasons, Aarav went on to win the title and the hefty bounty of Rs. 50 lakhs.

He became popular among the Tamil people worldwide and started to act in the movie Raja Bheema. Oviya also playing an essential role in the said movie, there were talks that the relationship discontinued in the Bigg boss house continued outside. But with sources confirming Aarav and Raahei's wedding on September 6, at last, this small-screen love will come to an end.

Aarav - Raahei love and marriage

Raahei is a model turned actor now as she is making her debut in Gautham Menon's upcoming thriller movie Joshua. It is rumored that Aarav and Raahei were in love for the past year. And now, after getting their parents' permission are to get married on September 6.

The marriage due to the pandemic is set to be a low key affair with only essential guests to attend. On hearing the news for the past two days, social media was abuzz with trolls on Aarav and Oviya. But so far, Aarav did not officially confirm the wedding, and also, there are expectations of what will be the reaction of Oviya for the marriage.