Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shooting starts Today , The Crew Sanitizing BB house

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 shooting starts today
Bigg Boss Tamil 4 shooting starts today

Bigg Boss Tamil 4, the waiting is finally over. Tomorrow evening we could see whether our favorite celebrities are part of Bigg Boss or not. The shooting started for the premier to telecast tomorrow.

Due to the pandemic, many safety measures were taken to keep the house and contestant free from COVID. They have been taking precautionary steps like quarantining contestants. Contestants of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil have undergone COVID tests and quarantined already.

The final test for the contestant was over, and they are ready to enter the house securely. The house was sanitized entirely yesterday, and another round of sanitization has been done today. Many new rules were included to keep the spread in control. So this season is going to be different from others.

The shooting for the premiere is going to start from today evening to air it tomorrow. Still, people are excited to see the contestants who are going to entertain them for the next hundred days amid COVID. After the quarantine period, Now again, they are entering the Bigg boss house for another 100 days of quarantine.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been airing from September first week, and Bigg boss Hindi 14's grand launch starts today 6 pm. Indian people will plunge into the entertainment and going to forget the pandemic for a few days.