Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Day 78: Nominated Contestants For This Week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

The nomination process for this week eviction is listed after the nomination. The housemates nominated three contestants for a reason. Since Thamarai became the Bigg Boss House Captain for this week, she was not nominated. Netizens have now started to pour out their guess on who will get evicted this week.

Yesterday's Bigg Boss Tamil 5 episode was with heavy arguments between Priyanka and Niroop. After the watch of yesterday's episode, Niroop is trending on Twitter. Many memes are pouring out on social media focussing on Akshara, Niroop and Priyanka. The rope task began with fun and ended with a full argument. Priyanka and Niroop both were hurt at the end.

Most Netizens now question whether their friendship will still be the same as before. After the end of the task, the nomination process began, and Amir was the one who started the nomination. Since Thamarai became the Bigg Boss House captain this week, she cannot be nominated.

Amir nominated Niroop, Akshara and Priyanka, Ciby nominated Akshara, Pavni and Niroop, Pavni nominated Akshara, Varun and Ciby, Niroop nominated Varun, Ciby and Priyanka, Varun nominated Priyanka, Niroop and Amir, Sanjeev nominated Ciby, Priyanka and Pavni,

Whereas Raju nominated Niroop, Ciby and Pavni, Akshara nominated Priyanka, Pavni and Amir, Thamarai nominated Niroop, Pavni and Priyanka and Priyanka nominated Niroop, Varun and Sanjeev. And now Ciby, Pavni Reddy, Akshara Reddy, Priyanka, Niroop Nandhakumar and Varun are nominated for this week eviction. Among them, Pavni has lesser votes compared to the other nominated contestants.