Bigg Boss Tamil 5 First Nomination: Why This Contestant Is Targeted?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants
Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is heading to its second week with a nomination process. The release of the promo made the netizens happy to getting interesting trolls and memes.

And to notice, No big fight or controversy arose in the Bigg Boss house, other than the minor clash between Tamaraiselvi and Namitha Marimuthu. Even that fight ended peacefully after coming to a mutual understanding.

In the first week, the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants were given the first first to share their life experiences.  In it, all the contestants were sharing the saddest part of their life. 

The story of Namitha Marimuthu, a trans model, in particular, saddened many viewers. In this situation last Saturday, it was announced that Namitha Marimuthu had left the Bigg Boss house for some unavoidable reason. The reason behind the walkout of Namitha Marimuthu and the replacement is aired.

Following this, Bigg Boss 5 Tamil has started the nomination process this week. By this, it will come to know who has disturbance with whom. After, the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil will go a bit interesting.

In it, Akshara nominates Isaivani, whereas Abhishek Raaja nominates Akshara Reddy. Iman Annachi says the name of Abhinay. Following this, Abhinay also nominated Isaivani by stating that she did not stick with anyone properly.

As soon as the promo came, Netizens started posting comments. As both Akshara and Abhinay mentioned the name of the Isaivani in this promo, few netizens are creating memes with comedian Vadivelu images.