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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Thamarai Selvi Drama Artist Biography And Photos

Thamarai Selvi Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant

Bigg Boss contestant Thamarai Selvi is a south Indian drama artist. Her family situation made her come to the drama field at a very young age. She has been in this field from a very young age and has done many shows. 

In the introduction video screened by Vijay Tv, Thamarai Selvi's daily life has beautifully projected that video. The way she gets ready for her show, her makeup, her audience was lovely to see. She said that all her sadness would wipe away the moment she got on stage with her makeup.

She has got many fans in the field, and everyone requests her to perform in their village functions. Her innocent behaviours in Bigg Boss Tamil conveys that she is not completely aware of the modern world. She is the most talked-about female Bigg Boss Tamil contestant.