Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Wild Card Entry Contestants Names Are Aired

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

The current contestant is not adding any spice content, so the viewers are very excited to know the wildcard contestant. Many names are rumoured in the air when it comes to the wildcard entry contestants.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 so far did not fill the expectations of the fans. The promos are triggering the audience to watch the episode, but when there is no spice in the episode. This brings disappointment to the fans. And few stopped watching the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 and jumped back to Survivor.

The count of 18 contestants who entered the colourful Bigg Boss house now is only 13. The fans are very excited to know the wildcard entry contestants. There are enormous expectations on Namitha Marimuthu to continue the show as she left the Bigg Boss in the first week itself due to health issues.

Although she was inside the house only for a week, she gathered a good fan base. Many viewers melted after listening to her life experience. Her tears and painful memories made the viewers cry and gain respect. Many people came to know about the life of transgender people only after listening to her story.

Other names that are likely to be rumoured in the wildcard entry contestants are producer Ravindar Chandrasekharan, Shalu Shamu, Gopinath Ravi, and Priya Raman are so far in talks. As said earlier, there are chances for Namitha Marimuthu, Abishek and Nadia Chang to enter Bigg Boss Tamil 5 again.

The current Bigg Boss promos are concentrating more on Niroop. His loud voice is often lits the problem, and that circles the housemates with no solution. Niroop is not on the list for this week eviction. The nominated contestants are Raju, Akshara Reddy, Imman, Ciby, Abhinay, Pavni Reddy and Mathumitha.

Among them, Abhinay has chances of getting evicted, but it is uncertain. A high number of votes for the nomination was given to Raju by the housemates. Will Raju be saved this week is a big question mark. His activities and talks are entertaining the viewers. 

Anyways, the official announcements on the wild card contestants name are not said. However, the name of the evicted contestants will be leaked a day prior. Similarly, the wildcard entry contestant names will be leaked when the talks set fire.