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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Wildcard Amir Dance Choreographer Biography

Amir Choreographer

Today's promo revealed about the wild card new entry Contestant. Bigg Boss viewers were very curious to know about the new contestant to make the show more engaged, and now the person is revealed after his appearance in the first promo of today's episodes.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is running successfully, crossing its 50th day. The show began with eighteen contestants with a grand ceremony, and most of the expected celebrities were on the confirmed contestant's list. After a week, the nomination process was held, and the eviction process was done.

In the following weeks, Nadia Chang, Abishek Raaja, Chinna Ponnu, Suruthi, Madumitha and Isaivani got evicted. Out of surprise, Abishek Raja gave an unexpected reentry. Meanwhile, another wild card entry into the Big Boss house has become the talk after the release of today's promo. 

It is said that Amir dancer is the new contestant who has entered inside the Bigg Boss house. Amir is a dance choreographer who is the founder of popular with the ADS dance crew Ooty. He has won many awards and participated in Indian HipHop Dance Championship, the Kings of Dance title in Star Vijay TV, Dance Vs Dance in Colour Tamil. He belongs to Ooty.